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ITF Global ChampsLooking for a school of martial arts for yourself or child, then look no further than ITF Taekwondo. If you have the next budding Karate Kid or future MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) champion, then our high quality and experienced instructors will give you the foundations required.

With close diligence and proven teaching methodologies, our Taekwondo classes are taught with a syllabus created by highly qualified and experienced education leaders, you will be able to learn martial arts in a methodical and systematic fashion, not merely rushed through ranks with limited ability. Our focus is on quality outcomes, not just high volumes of members. We value our beginners just as much as our World Champions and Black Belts.

ITF TaekwonDoITF Taekwon-Do is a registered school of the International TaekwonDo Federation, (ITF). Our Taekwondo syllabus adheres closely to the techniques and teachings of the Founder General Choi Hong Hi (dec).

The main objectives of ITF Taekwon-Do are to provide high quality martial arts classes and opportunities for students, developing their skills and moral culture.

The main objective of I.T.F. training, as we regard it, is to maintain the true value of ITF Taekwondo as a self-defense, not merely a tournament sport. Students who study with discipline, application and dedication will be greater people with knowledge and skills, and more importantly the morality and sense of humanity, not merely the ability to kick and punch.

Thoroughbred Taekwon-Do was named in 1994, although the foundation club had been operating as a school since 1990, opened by Master Michael Muleta (8th Degree), after having previously trained and taught in ITF Taekwondo and other martial arts for several years, at/for several clubs, and with many high quality instructors in Australia and throughout the world.

We are the founding school of United ITF Taekwon-Do (Australia) Inc., with our Chief Instructor, Master Michael Muleta, also being the current National Body President and Technical Director.

Master Muleta recently opened, and is the resident instructor of, the ITF Centre of Excellence located in Melbourne, Australia. A unique high performance training environment where instructors from across the country and around the World can come to train, exchange ideas, undertake education programs or prepare for elite level performance.

Taekwondo training is not only a great form of self defense, it is great to build confidence, self esteem, character and confidence, as we ll as promote health and fitness. The healthy mind, healthy body approach is one we endorse highly.

So if you’re looking for a martial arts class give the team at Thoroughbred Taekwondo a call at a location near you.


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