Arnold Sports Festival

Taekwondo Championships

The Arnold Sports Festival Taekwondo Championships will be held in Melbourne over the weekend of March 16th – 18th, 2018 as part of a major multi martial arts event following on from the success of the 2017 event.

Students of all ages and all ranks are invited to participate in sparring and patterns events, regardless of school or association.

The event is part of the Arnold Sports Festival Australia  participants and attendees will have to opportunity to also witness many great displays, demonstrations, exhibitors and of course the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger will make an appearance.

Master Michael Muleta is overseeing the Taekwondo Championships – including both WTF style, ITF style and Freestyle categories.

Event Schedule

Friday 16th March 2018

Taekwon-Do workshops led by Master Instructors (7th Degree+)

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Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th

Arnold Sports Festival Taekwondo Championships

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Arnold Sports Festival


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Message from the organizer

I look forward to welcoming all Taekwondo participants from across Australia and neighbouring regions to participate in this very unique and exciting event.

In one of Australia’s only truly open and non-political Taekwondo events, we anticipate a great diversity in attendees in age, style, rank and allegiance. 

As an additional bonus, we are also offering training seminars prior to the championships open to all who wish to take part.

Yours in Taekwondo for all

Michael Muleta,

Organizer Arnold Sports Festival Taekwondo Championships



Important information for all participants of the Arnold Sports Festival Taekwondo Championships.

Please note the following important information for this weekend’s events

  1. Taekwondo Tournament

All Taekwondo events will be held March 17th – 18th, 2018

Final event schedule pending registrations – announced after closing date

  1. Inscription and weigh in

All competitors and coaches MUST report to the registration desk between 8.30am -9.00am

The registration for martial arts will take place in the martial arts office (look for sign in concourse on arrival)

This will be the last opportunity to grab your entry wristband/pass.

Those who do not report to the registration desk (or collect prior to this time) will only be able to enter via the general public process.

  1. Uniform

All competitors MUST compete in a Taekwondo uniform (not shorts, tshirts or tracksuits)

  1. Protective equipment

All persons competing in sparring MUST bring their own protective equipment

WTF – chest guard, mouthguard, groinguard, headguard (compulsory), arm guard, shin guard (optional)

ITF – gloves, boots, mouthguard, groinguard (compulsory), head guard, arm guard, shin guard (optional)

  1. Reporting to competition area

All competitors need to be at the designated Taekwondo ring, in full uniform,  no later than 10.30am Sunday

At this time, all competitors will be informed of Taekwondo schedule of events, and a draw will be displayed in the allocated warm up room

It is the competitor’s responsibility to arrive at the ring in time for their event.

  1. Medal presentations

At the completion of each category, medals will be presented at the official martial arts medal presentation dais

All medal recipients must be in full uniform

  1. Coach Registration

All coaches must be pre-registered to obtain a coach’s pass

Coaches need to register here:

All unregistered persons enter via general admission.

  1. Spectators, Families

All families, spectators and friends are encouraged to pre-book their entry ticket to gain faster entry into the stadium and to minimize the risk of missing your bout, as numbers of public attending are in the thousands.

Pre-bookings can be made here:


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